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Алкидная эмаль HT 520 OROMEL OROPAL


Matte synthetic enamel of alkyd type and quick drying for protection in exteriors and interiors. Treatment for iron and steel, especially suitable for painting industrial and agricultural machinery (tractors, cabins and all types of metal surfaces).

Physical parameters

Viscosity (Ford cup nº4): 90 – 180” depending the colour
Specific gravity: 1,08 – 1,35 g/mL depending the colour
Solids content: 45 – 50%
Colour: White
Spreading rate: 8 – 12 m2/L (110 – 175 g/m2)
In-can appearance: Viscous liquid
Dry film appearance: Enamel matt with fast drying
Stability (without openning the can): 12 months at 10 – 25ºC
Gloss: <10 %
Adhesion: 100% (Max: GT0)

Product use information

Surface: All kinds of suitably primed surfaces
Surface preparation: The iron surfaces must be properly deoxidized and degreased before being primed. In general, the surfaces to be painted must be clean and dry.
Product preparation: Before applying, homogenize the product well with a spatula
Application method: Brush, Roller, Pneumatic gun, Airless gun
Dilution: Application by brush / roller: Do not dilute or max. 3% with ORODIS 719. Application by gun: Up to 15% of ORODIS 717
Application: Apply 2 dry 40-60 μm hands
Drying: Dry touch: 30 - 40 minutes El The drying time is greatly influenced by the grammage, the type and condition of the support and the environmental conditions.
Recoatable: 18 - 24 hours
Cleaning: ORODIS 719

Application process: Iron, Steel
Primer: OROPRIMER 420
Intermediate: OROMEL 520
Topcoat: OROMEL 520

Additional information

Safety: Consult package labelling. For further information, ask for the Material Safety Data Sheet
Storage: 1 year
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