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Эпоксидная эмаль HT 634 OROMEL OROPAL


Crosslinking by mixing 4: 1 by weight with OROCAT 734 catalyst

2 component epoxy water paint, with excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Formulated based on polymeric emulsions that allow a relatively fast drying and a good curing reaction up to temperatures of 10ºC. Recommended for indoor use, outdoor yellowing due to UV rays. Allows the application of thicknesses greater than 100 microns.

Physical features

Physical features Base OROMEL 634 Catalyst OROCAT 734
Viscosity 150 – 300” (cup Ford nº 4) 1800 – 2200 cpoise (Brookfield sp4 100 rpm)
Specific weight 1,35 – 1,70 g/mL (dep. color) 1,12 – 1.17 g/cc
Solids 55 – 70% (depends color) >99%
Appearance of the can Viscous liquid Viscous liquid
Stability (without opening the can) 12 months at 10 – 25ºC 12 months

Characteristics of the mixture

Relation of the mixture: 4:1 by weight (OROMEL 634:OROCAT 734)
Viscosity of the mixture: -”
Specific weight of the mixture: 1,25 – 1,60 g/mL (depends color)
Solids of the mixture: 60 – 75% (depends color)
Color: White. Other colors, consult
Appearance dry film: Semi-gloss finish with low odor
Efficiency: 6 – 8 m2/ Kg (145 – 170 g/m2)
Gloss: 60 – 80%
Adherence: 100% (Máx: GT0)
VOC: <140 g/L Limit value (2010) according to directive 2004/42 / EC for this product (subcategory A / j): 140 g / L
Persoz hardness: >210 s
Pot life of the mixture: 90 minutes

Product use

Support: Support Cement, Concrete, Steel
Support preparation: Cement or concrete surfaces must be dry, well set, without stains, saltpetre, sands or fissures. In the case of steel, it will be dry, degreased and free of rust. The surfaces to be applied may be slightly damp (8% maximum), but not wet.
Product preparation: Do not apply at temperatures below 10ºC, or with humidity greater than 80%. Before applying, homogenize the product well with a spatula. Make the mixture with the catalyst (by weight) of 4 parts of OROMEL 634 (Base) with 1 part of OROCAT 734 (Catalyst). Never add water to the catalyst directly.
Application system: Brush, Roller, Airless Gun
Dilution: Up to 10% with water (the first hand)
Application: 1 first hand diluted to 10% with water so that it penetrates well, and 1 - 2 more hands of undiluted finish at 60 - 70 μm.
Drying/curing: Touch dry: 2 – 3 hours Total dry: 7 days. The drying time is greatly influenced by the grammage, the type and condition of the support and the environmental conditions.
Repainted: <24 hours
Cleaning: WATER

Recommended system Primer Topcoat
Cement, concrete OROMEL 634 OROMEL 634

Additional information

Security: Consult package labeling. For more information request the Safety Sheet.
Storage time: 1 year

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