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Однокомпонентный алкидный грунт HT 406 OROPRIMER OROPAL


Alkyd monocomponent matt primer. It is a high anticorrosive primer due to the presence of zinc phosphate pigments in its formulation. Suitable for a wide range of metalwork, the product can be applied on machinery, coachwork, cranes, tanks and all ferrous metals in general. Free of lead and chromate.

Physical parameters

Viscosity (Ford cup #4): 90-150”
Specific gravity: 1,60 – 1,75 g/cc (depending on the colour)
Sólids content: 75 – 85%
VOC: <500 g/L Directive 2004/42/CE: Limit value (2010) for this product (sub. cat. A/i): 500 g/L
Colour: Red oxide, Grey
Spreading rate: 5 – 8 m2/Kg (135 – 185 g/m2)
In-can appearance: Viscous liquid
Dry film appearance: Matt film with good leveling
Stability: 12 months at 10 – 25ºC
Gloss: <2%
Adhesion: 100% (Max: GT0)
Fire Resistance: B-s1,d0

Product use information

Surface: Iron
Surface preparation: Iron surfaces must be deoxidized (sand or sandblast), degreased and dry, according to NTE-RPP-35
Product preparation: Stir thoroughly the contents of the container with a spatula.
Application method: Brush, Roller, Airless spray
Dilution Brush/roller application: Do not dilute or max. 3% with ORODIS 719
Spray application: Up to 10% with ORODIS 717 or ORODIS 716
Application: Apply 1 – 2 coats of 40-55 µm dry film thickness
Drying: Touch drying time: 30 min. Drying time is very influenced by the dry film weight, type and state of the substrate and weather conditions.
Recoatable: 6 hours
Cleaning: ORODIS 719

Application process: Iron
Primer: OROPRIMER 406
Top coat: OROLEX Enamels

Additional information

Safety: Consult package labelling. For further information, ask for the Material Safety Data Sheet
Storage: 1 year
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